Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society?

We are the nation's first private environmental land trust, chartered in 1936.
We are chartered by the New York State Board of regents as a "Living Museum ".

What do we do?

We purchase and hold lands for the preservation and protection of upstate New York's native flora and fauna.

The Society is chartered with a three-fold purpose
1. To conserve the flora and fauna of the lands owned by the society.
2. To offer schools colleges and accredited groups access for the purpose of research and study.
3. To publish scientific and cultural information pertaining to the Society lands.

What properties do we have?

The Bergen Swamp Preservation Society owns 5 properties in New York state

Bergen Swamp - 2,000 acres in Byron and Bergen
Hotchkiss Preserve - 50 acres in Lyons
Slater Hillside Seep - 50 acres in Dansville
Taylor Marsh - 600 acres in Honeoye
Zurich Bog - 650 acres in Arcadia

How can I help?

We are always in need of volunteers and donations.
If you are interested in helping us please let us know. You can use the above Contact link to reach us.

How can I join?

Joining the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society easy.
On our Become a Member page simply fill out the membership form and allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

How are we different?

Our society and properties are sustained with only private donations.
We receive NO government funding for our operating budget.
Our society has been run by all volunteers since 1936.
We have NO paid staff.

How do I visit?

Visitors to properties owned by the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society must first get permission from the society.
Please review Our Visitor Policy page for more information.

Where are the maps?

Maps can be found on our Favorites page.

Will my cell phone work?

Cell phone connections will vary by the device manufacturer, cellular provider and property.