The Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

is an educational institution whose purpose is to conserve the flora and fauna of its Upstate New York properties.

Our Upstate New York Properties

Bergen Swamp

2,000 acres in Byron and Bergen

A National Natural Landmark with rich graminoid fens, cedar swamps, and riparian flood plains. It is a wetland sanctuary to 36 native Orchids.

Hotchkiss Preserve

50 acres in Lyons

A wet wood climax community grown from the natural succession of an abandoned peppermint field.

Slater Preserve

50 acres in Dansville

A glacial drumlin with wet hillside seeps hosting Fringed Gentians.

Taylor Marsh

600 acres in Honeoye

A marsh wetland sanctuary to hundreds of resident and migrating birds. It has hosted a nesting pair of Sand-hill Cranes for several years.

Zurich Bog

650 acres in Arcadia

A National Natural Landmark with a Sphagnum bog and floating bog cradled by glacial drumlins.

The Society is chartered with a three-fold purpose

1. To conserve the flora and fauna of the lands owned by the society.
The society holds five properties as sanctuaries to upstate New York 's native flora and fauna. The public is welcome to visit our properties with no charge, but visitors must stay on marked trails.

2. To offer schools, colleges, and accredited groups access for the purpose of research and study.
In the past ten years, our properties have hosted 6 Doctorial thesis, 8 master 's thesis, 2 undergraduate senior projects, and 8 high school research projects entered into national and state science competitions.

In the past 10 years our properties have been an "outdoor classroom " and visited yearly by undergraduate colleges, community colleges, high schools, primary schools, and many different organizations. For information on how to schedule your group visit please refer to our Our Visitor Policy page.

3. To publish scientific and cultural information pertaining to the Society lands.
The society publishes a biannual newsletter to the membership and presents in New York wetland conferences.

If you are interested in doing research for the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society please review our Research Rules page.

We are Dedicated Conservationists

John Adamski - President
Lynn Braband - Vice-President
Steve Locke - Past President
Lee Blair, Jr - Bergen Stewerdship Chair
Joan Kennedy - Treasurer
Bill Des Jardin - Membership Chair
Barb Drake - Scientific and Education Chair
Mike Deming - Finance Chair
Rita Locke Pettine - Technology Chair



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